Strata Homes – Major Series 2016

Strata Major Series 2016

Sunday mornings are usually reserved for lie-ins, big breakfasts and Sunday papers which take at least a week to get through due to the amount of supplements and adverts for walk-in baths and dog beds which look like armchairs! But after accepting a challenge set by one of our customers, “Strata Homes”, our Sunday couldn’t have been more different.

We had been invited to join Stata Homes’ team and take part in “The Major Series” which was sold to us as 10K assault course with quite a lot of mud. “Sounds like fun” we said, and above all, it was to raise funds for “Little Hiccups” which is Strata’s chosen charity for the year.

Excitement and trepidation were in equal measure on the morning of the run as no one really knew what to expect. Then, we were off, at first, there was a bit of mild jogging interspersed with a few press-ups and star jumps, and I have to say that I succumbed to a false sense of security, “This isn’t so bad, this is easy” I said confidently to myself, but then we hit the first of the water hazards and I was so glad that I didn’t say it out loud, because this is when it started to get tough!

We were up to our waists in freezing cold water, up to our knees in thick quick sand (ok, it was mud but it felt like quicksand) and that was just a mere hor d’oeuvre, the worst was yet to come. Being fully submerged in freezing muddy water, swimming across stagnant ponds and rescuing team mates from the pungent grip of the mud bogs was to be the menu for the rest of the challenge.

We attacked every obstacle that was thrown in our way, and we did it wearing great big smiles as it was such great fun! A giant waterslide at the end of the course provided much needed respite from the mud and when we crossed the finish line we were rewarded with a medal, a bowl of porridge and an enormous sense of achievement.
Everyone in our team gave everything they had to push through the course which for most, was way out of their comfort zones and hopefully next year we’ll all do it all again plus with some new recruits.

See you on the start line next year!


Amazing effort guys, well done to you all!!

Thank you so much for joining our team- I am still very impressed that all of you did the 10k run.

You are an amazing team!

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